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  • Bird Vomit

    Rainbow Bee-eater vomited up some insect remains. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Arnold Bugenzwegger

    Muscular bug on a yellow flower. Found at the beach, unable to fly, I carried her home and put her on a paper daisy. She had a good poke at me while we walked! Woodgate, Qld.

  • Major Colobopsis II

    Portrait of a major worker of Colobopsis sp. ants on a tree trunk. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Colobopsis Minor Worker

    Portrait of a Colobopsis minor worker on a tree trunk. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Dimorphism

    Major and minor workers of Colobopsis sp. ants. The majors have cute pug noses for plugging the nest entrance while the minor workers explore outside the nest. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Major Colobopsis

    Blunt-nosed colobopsis workers at their nest entrance. One may or may not have been damaged by the photographer and was not allowed back in the nest. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Broken Ant

    Colobopsis major still walking after an injury which removed the bulk of her gaster. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Iridomyrmex Workers

    Common small meat ants at their nest entrance. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Baby Psyllid

    Portrait of a psyllid nymph on my scaly finger skin. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Poop Carrier

    Dolichoderus worker ant carries a poop home. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Crematogaster Congregation

    I can't remember if these ants were at the nest entrance or if they were foraging. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Resin Collector II

    Stingless bee collects pollen from a strange flower thing on a branch. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Resin Collector

    Stingless bee collects pollen from a strange flower thing on a branch. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Aussie Bush Cricket

    Woodgate, Qld.

  • Parasitised Aphids

    A gathering of empty aphids that have been parasitised by something (Probably a wasp). It's interesting that they are all gathered in the same place. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Fat Leafhopper

    Woodgate, Qld.

  • Pseudoscorpion II

    Pseudoscorpion approaches a mat of white fungus. You can also see a borer hole in the wood. Found under bark on a decomposing ironbark branch. Lake Boondooma, Qld.

  • Pseudoscorpion

    Also known as a false scorpion. Found under bark on rotting timber. Lake Boondooma, Qld.

  • Echidna Poo

    At least 5 species of ant remains can be found in this small sample of echidna scat. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Ant Remains

    Echidnas love to eat ants, as evidenced by this closeup of echidna scat. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Cardio Workout

    Cardiocondyla ants around a food store. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Beach Bum Spider

    Portrait of a small spider in fine sand on the beach. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Homalictus Nest

    Little green Homalictus bee emerges from her nest entrance in the ground. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Homalictus Nest

    Little green Homalictus bee emerges from her nest entrance in the ground. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Construction Worker

    Tiny worker ant (Poss. Pheidole sp.) removes a large grain of sand from the nest. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Tiny Queen

    Wingless queen wandering over grains of sand, foraging or looking for a new nest site. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Female Flower Wasp

    Portrait of a female flower wasp. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Flower Wasp

    Female flower wasp poses on the photographer's finger. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Common Crow Butterfly Baby

    More like a teenager I think. A live focus stack of a Common Crow or Oleander Caterpillar (Euploea core). Woodgate, Qld.

  • Wingman

    Flatid planthopper nymph carries a small hitch hiker under it's wing. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Hopper History

    The life history of every instar of this hopper (plus a few tiny absentees). Woodgate, Qld.

  • Red Springtail

    Lumpy red springtail navigating a rotten log. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Thread-legged Mantis Bug

    Four skinny, long legs and two mantis-shaped make for an interesting looking bug. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Red Mite Feeding

    Hairy mite batman! A mighty midge meal for a mite. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Cuckoo Wasp

    Also known as an Emerald Wasp, these beautiful wasps lay their eggs in other wasps nests. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Collembola IV

    Profile view of a beautiful, spotted globular springtail (Hexapoda, Collembola). Woodgate, Qld.

  • Collembola Butt

    My collembola don't want none unless you've got buns hun! Woodgate, Qld.

  • Head Louse

    Portrait of a human head louse. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Blue Beauty

    The charming Maratus nigromaculatus peacock spider in my front lawn. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Mitey Small Bitey

    This is a very small Big-eyed Bug nymph feasting on a microscopic mite. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Portulaca Packer

    Homalictus bee collects pollen from a tiny portulaca flower. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Locust Parasite

    Scelio wasp hunts through sand to find locust eggs to parasitise. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Polly Pollenator

    Homalictus bee drinks nectar from the base of a flower. Her abdomen is full of pollen she has collected. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Golden Bee

    Halictid bee rests near a tiny flower. These bees are about 4mm long. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Blue Bee

    Metallic blue Halictid bee collects pollen and nectar from a tiny flower. Woodgate, Qld.

  • Sand Explorer

    Very small wasp (~3mm) flits around in a bare patch of sandy soil. She is part of the Scelionidae family of wasps and is looking for grasshopper eggs to parasitise. Woodgate, Qld.

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