Olympus Tough TG-4 Stacking - Aussie Bugs

JULY 2015

A Quick Comparison of In-camera Stacked and Unstacked Olympus TG-4 Images

One of the reasons I acquired the Olympus TG-4 was the in-camera stacking feature. It obviously is a quick and dirty focus stack that's got nothing on a decent, high quality Zerene or other time consuming process, but it's all the stacking I'll ever do. I've put a couple of photos here comparing a single image and an in-camera stack. I've used the modified LED ring (see here) with the LED function since the camera isn't capable of firing off the 11 or so flashes it would take to do a stack. I say 11 images but I haven't confirmed that in any way, that was one shot I took and it was too fast to count. It will only shoot stacks in JPG, I'm guessing RAW is far too much processing for a quick stack, but they're pretty decent images and perfect for digital only publishing. I haven't had a chance to get out and test this camera but I think it will be perfect for wide angle macro of larger subjects out in the field. It also has a couple of extra high magnification settings which I'm not going to waste my breath on. Note, the images below are of a tag on a camera strap - it's about 15mm wide from the left of the a to the edge of the tag.

  • Stacked

    Microscope mode - in camera stack

  • Unstacked

    Microscope mode - normal

  • Stacked

    Microscope mode - in camera stack.

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